Thursday, March 22, 2012

Special Lunch

So I try to surprise my man everyone once in awhile and meet up at his work and go to lunch. Especially when I have days were I am sick of being at home with the baby, or I just need a little more TLC then normal (see it really is for me, but I will pretend it is for him).

Today I went to his work and surprised him. Then me, him and Mr. Too Hotty (our 10 month old) went to lunch. We sat and talked and just hung out. It was fun, and a wonderful break from our hectic week.

As we were leaving I told the cashier I would like to pick up the tab for the couple in the corner booth. Now, I am not sure if you all do this from time to time, but I LOVE doing it. It is the thrill of them not finding out until you are gone!! I have done this MANY of times, so now it doesn't shock my dream babe anymore, he just smiles.

I love doing this for a couple of reasons:
1. It makes me feel like I can give something to someone. Maybe they were having a bad day, or a good day. Hopefully this will make it a little better.
2. I believe people will pay it forward. I have a lot of faith in people that when something good happens to them, they might step out of their comfort zone and do something good for someone else.
3. The thrill of them not knowing until they ask for the check and we are long gone!:)

Now I have had waitresses ruin it and tell the people while we are still paying and they get up and thank us over and over or say it is not needed. That pisses me off. LOL I like it to go incognito! I have also had waitresses ask if I pay for their dinner, which I reply with a half laugh and say sorry no.

This couple today knew nothing. It just makes me feel blessed that we can still afford to do this from time to time. I have had a very blessed life the last year or so (not without it's ups and downs believe me). I feel like it is good to do something unexpected and out of the ordinary for others. And it makes me feel good inside. :)

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