Saturday, March 24, 2012


So here are some random facts about me:

1. I love funky socks. Toes socks are my favorite. Any fluffy, bright or unusual socks will brighten my day!

2. Bubbles are the shiznit! My favorite evening activity in the summer is sitting in the backyard blowing bubbles. They are a huge stress reliever.

3. I have naturally curly, very thick hair. I love it long, but it is so much easier short. And the only person who has ever cut it right is a lady in the small town of McGill, NV. This is where my Grandparents use to live. Population like 300 or something. She was amazing!

4. I love to yell. Not sure why, but I LOVE being loud. I laugh loud, talk loud, yell very loudly. You can hear me down the block. :)

5. I am a damn good mother. I am not perfect, I totally screw up. But I love being a mother and I am good at it. I am not their friend, but I am always here for them, and they know that.

6. I Love Lucy is my Sunday morning staple. I get up with Tin (my 12 year old) and sip my coffee and enjoy an hour or so of Lucy. Makes any Sunday a good one.

7. Animals have a soft spot in my heart.

8. I have a hard time sugar coating my words. I like to tell it how it is. Sometimes it hurts people feelings, but hey, don't ask if you don't want to know. Even if you don't ask, I will probably still tell you. LOL

9. I have a contagious laugh. Many people have told me. I usually do not laugh alone, and most of the time everyone is laughing at me...LOL.

10. My Man is my Best Friend. Yes, we are besties...he even told me this morning.

11. I buy more fabric then I think I will ever use. Ok, well, I doubt that, but I do have ALOT. I have been told I could open my own fabric store. I do not see this as bad though! :)

12. I like to yell, did I say that already?  WHAT?! :)

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