Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making Front Page

For months I have seen many people making front page on etsy in the different teams I am a part of. Also, how happy they are when they make front page. The joy that is expressed to them from all of the team members is something that brings joy to people reading the comments and I am sure the person getting them. This is something I have been striving to do since opening (well, reopening) my etsy in May of this year. It is almost like a great honor to have your item proudly displayed on the front page for one hour so everyone can see it.

Well, yesterday this happened! My little row of 5 black/red/white owls made the front page of etsy. It is so funny, because yesterday was a total off day for me. My car broke down, had $200 auto bill, missed the Dr. appointment for the baby, was late picking up daughter from basketball, list goes on. When I found out I made front page, my entire day turned around.

Not only was I very happy for the sales, it was just a feeling like, I belong. I now feel validated that what I am doing is good enough. I feel like maybe I can make this into a business. I can do this for a living and be home with my children. I am good enough!

Thank you to all my fans and customers. It does make a huge difference that you appreciate my products. And thank you to Etsy team for picking a wonderful treasury that my beautiful owls were a part of.

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