Friday, November 4, 2011

My intimidating project!

So for the last month I have sat and wondered how easy it would be to use fuse-able interfacing?! Everyone at the fabric store has told me it is fun, and how it is so easy. However, it just intimidated me so much I have constantly set it aside. Until last night.

I got online and Googled how to use fuse-able interfacing and really got nothing. So instead I decided to just jump in there with some scrap material out of my bin and some shaky confidence. I will tell you what, it was a ball!!

I think it turned out rather cute!! Perfect to sew onto a onesie or hat. I think my son, Scott, will look very handsome in a white onesie sporting his new pilgrim hat. Here is how you do it.

I found this website and printed the pilgrim hat. Once you print the hat off, take your fuse interfacing and put it over the hat and trace it. I used Pellon Interfacing, so you would draw on the smooth side. The rough side of the interfacing is the side that lays on the fabric.

You will need to trace each piece separately (if you want different fabrics and illusion of depth).

Once you get the pieces all traced, plug your iron in and wait for it to warm up. This is when you dig into your scrap pile! I had fun finding all the neat fabrics that I had little pieces of.

Now you have the fabric you want, make sure the fabric is facing down. You want to put the rough side of the fuse interfacing on the back side of your fabric. Spray it with a few squirts from your spray bottle and hold your iron on it for about 10-12 seconds. I used the "cotton" setting on my iron. Do not slide the iron, you do not want to damage the interfacing.

The easiest of all is just cutting the pattern out now. Take the scraps and through it in your scrap bin (never known when it might com in handy) and then you will have all your pieces.

Now take all your pieces and put them together like a puzzle. Then you can sew the pieces onto each other.

VIOLA! You did it! Good job!!

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  1. This is darling! Way to go trying something new! Thanks so much for linking up to my party.