Thursday, March 8, 2012

Printed Memories

So my little man is almost 10 months. I cannot believe it. Every time I think of doing a hand print or foot print time goes bye, and I don't get to it. So today after his second morning nap I decided to do it.

I used a thin (.6) piece of Chip board. Then I spray painted it grey (was going to use on a different project, but that was kaput). You should use finger paint, but I had none so I just used this. I just made sure I washed the paint off immediately!

He loves to flip things over. So this picture was very difficult! LOL

I painted his hand and let him pat the paper (usually babies hate to have cold slimy stuff on their hands). If you want to use a spare paper for then to do that I would suggest to. But I like that he made a big blog of handprints. :)
Then I painted his foot and put it on the paper. Feet are 10 times easier!!! Sometimes they like to wiggle their toes though. But he was a good boy!

 Then I just added how old he is at the top. You can paint that one if you are good at that. I have chicken scratch, so these were perfect!

See, after I feed him him cleaned him up and gave him apple slices, he could care less! :) Babies are resilient!

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  1. What a fun and creative project! I like how he got to be an artist on the same space as his prints. That would be cool to do annually, to see how is creativity matures as his hands and feet grow!