Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baby Jar Cakes

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Do you have a million baby jars laying around your house like me. You wash them but can't find the heart to throw them in recycle? Yeah me to. So I have been seeing all these "Mason Jar Cakes" and thought, "Hey, since I am on a diet, I could totally do it in baby jars and maybe justifiy a small treat every once in awhile!"

So I decided that this is what I would do on a Saturday afternoon. 

First gather your cake mix and all ingredients. If you want different colors, use food coloring. You will need a spray oil to coat the jars. I washed the jars by hand with the bottle brush, then ran through the dish washer on "Sanitize" mode.

Start by spraying all the jars with cooking oil. This will make them not stick in the jars. Once they are done they will slide right out of the jar!

I divided the cake mix into three bowls and added food coloring.

 Add batter to the half way mark in the jar. I did some slightly over halfway and it mushroomed out the top! LOL

Line them all up on a cookie sheet. I used the temperature for the 13x9 pan (350 degrees). They cooked approximately 30-35 minutes.
About 10 minutes before they are done take all the lids and put them in water and boil it on the stove. This will seal the jars.

Once the jars come out of the over the cake should look something like this!

 Take the lids out of the boiling water with tongs.
 Lay them on the top of the jars
With a rag, twist the lids on the jar.

The jar and the lids are super hot!

 Flip the jar upside down and clean up your kitchen! LOL We went and watched Ghostbusters!!
Soon you will hear, POP POP POP coming from the kitchen. That is the jar sealing!

 Then I went and printed out some labels for the jars! Would be great for party favors or wedding favors.
You can store the sealed jars in a cool dark place (like pantry) for 8-9 months. I have heard up to a year, but I am not sure it would ever stick around my house that long!

You can also freeze them. We always freeze the ones that didn't seal right. They will stay good in the freezer for about 5 months.

Hope you liked this handy trick!

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