Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chocolate Apples

So today was a Early Release day at school. Since it is rainy outside we decided to make so Chocolate Covered Apples. We did it in green because of St Patty's day coming up (in a month or so...buahaha). So here is what you need:
Apples (we used Fuji because we love them.)
Candy Melts (or chocolate if you want)

 First we cut up the apples.
And then you take a pear knife and peels the skins off the apples.

Then we learned the hard way, only melt a couple of the melts at a time. If you do a bunch, the sugar from the apples mix with it and gum up the melts. Then you have to throw that batch away because it wont stick to the apples. We laughed and said it looked like moss growing on the apples!!

 Then just add your sprinkles!!

I think she approved! Our green Moss Apples!! HA HA

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