Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bread Box Conversion

Have you ever seen something in a store or yard sale and you immediately knew what you wanted to do with it, and how you wanted it to look? Very rarely this happens to me. Usually I buy it and take it home and contemplate for awhile on how to make it "better". However, I found this wonderful old fashion bread box and once my eyes connected with it, I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like!

$15 at local thrift store
 After loading it up and bringing it home, my husband rolled his eyes and said something to the fact of, "Is this going to sit in the garage like all those pallets that you wanted to 'Make cute'?" I promised I would start on in that weekend and so I did!

First, I removed those very beautiful glass pieces and cleaned them up. I listed them in my etsy store so that someone else can re-purpose them into something 'better'.

 After taking the glass out it looked so bare. I figured I couldn't stop there, so I removed the hinges and knobs and got it ready to be sanded down.  This box was so old, and the pine was so soft, I took my time sanding it down. I am very glad I had a electric sander!

 Once sanded, I cleaned off all the wood. Then I used primer that hides knots. I tried it with another type of primer first and within a day the knots would show through. Once the primer was on I went and put putty on all the nicks and dings around the body of the box.

 After getting that done I started painting! Oh my goodness! Talk about coming together! My little heart was beating as I saw my vision coming together.
It took many, many coats of paint. This box just sucked that paint up. Once all the paint was dry I needed the fabric for the back of the box. I knew I wanted the Chartreuse Chevron fabric. The only place I could find it for a decent price was So I got it. I am a very thrifty person, so when I spent over $10 for one yard of fabric and shipping, I almost cried. I knew though, I wanted it to look exactly like I envisioned it.

The wood piece on the back was very warped. I took it to Lowes and had them cut me a new piece of wood to fit the back. Once I got the wood and fabric, I taped the fabric on it to make sure it was lined up properly. Then with my staple gun I stapled it all down and on to the bread box!

My vision coming true!
I found these wonderful knobs on etsy! They are in a cute little shop called LaBellas Cottage. I searched for many hours for the right knobs and once I saw them, I knew they were it!

I put on my doors and hinges and knobs and stood back and looked at my wonderful piece of art. I could not believe that I made it exactly like I saw it in my head. My husband was even impressed with how well I did and how much work it took. He didn't even yell at me for the spray paint on the lawn!!

This shows you, even a first timer can make something 'better'. :)

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  1. This is adorable!!! Love the fresh white painted paired with the lime chevron print. Perfection!