Sunday, October 16, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse Santuary Party

When me and my siblings were younger my mother, who was a struggling single mother, would do really fun things with us. One was throwing themed parties around a movie. I remember when she took us all to the store and we each got to pick out one thing Dinosaur related, because we were going to watch "Land Before Time". This was a big deal for us!

So I have tried to carry on that tradition. I have done "Harry Potter" and "Lord of the Rings" weekend parties for us as a family.  Well, today is our "Zombie Apocalypse Sanctuary Party". This is for the new season of "The Walking Dead" on AMC. If you have not seen the series, YOU TOTALLY SHOULD!

We have started off by shopping for the necessary items, like fake eyeballs from the dollar store and rubber fingers! We found this nifty sign as well and decided to make good photo op of it! The fact Scotty (the baby) started fussing the same time I snapped the picture was priceless!!  Krystn, (the older, crazier one) loves to limp and drag around the house and pretend she is a zombie. She is a little dramatic, can you tell?

Here are some awsome picture of all the things we have made and the fun we are having!!
 Finger sausages!!
 Jello eyeball desert!
 Some dry ice and juice gives a great effect the kids love!!

 Tritip, mashed taters and red corn bread!
 Cute dinner! It was super good too!
 Someone was very happy! He even got his monster jammies on! Time to go watch The Walking Dead!

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